Phil Jenkins

Phil began his love affair with piano (and later keyboards) from the age of 5, reaching a Grade 8 classification. He maintained his interest, playing with a number of different bands and musicians along the way. Some of Phil’s musical experience was gained playing alongside some well known names such as Lol Crème (10cc) and members of Sad Café.

He has played and seen many gigs and cites Pink Floyd, Genesis, Deep Purple, and The Rolling Stones among his list of bands as having initially influenced his style of play. As his style developed, he realised that listening to acts such as Eric Clapton, JJ Cale, Dr. Feelgood, Van Morrison, George Benson, Earth Wind & Fire and the like, had taken him on a path towards a more bluesy jazz-funk style of play.

Over the last 4-years, Phil has been a member of Steely Don and is greatly enjoying this period in his musical journey.

‘I am so enjoying being part of this musically talented band of fantastic musicians, playing the wonderful music of Steely Dan and Donald Fagen. I just love all of the songs we perform and those we are still learning.’